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NO DRIVER SHORTAGE HERE: We often hear businesses clamoring about the shortage of drivers. As such, it has become “white noise” to us. The narrative should read, “No Driver Shortage here!” What is the real culprit, might you ask? In spite of the pandemic and based on what we are hearing, it is really all about driver retention.  To help combat the issue, we have upgraded our fleet with brand new trucks. Now, this might appear to be contrary to what is happening in the marketplace.  Companies, more than ever,  need to be more forward thinking with their strategy.  By understanding the supply and demand,  our approach is working! New trucks are arriving on a monthly basis.  

Drivers having worked under poor conditions, low pay, with little to no incentive bonuses for quite some time, the proverbial rubber has finally “hit the road” and with quite a vengeance, might I add.

 Companies are now facing off with this dilemma. Drivers are essential, industrious individuals and deserve more appreciation and respect. They have been holding up their end of the deal by keeping their promises and meeting consumers’ timely delivery expectations. Upon reaching a delivery destination, a driver can sometimes become challenged with layovers,  through no fault of their own.

We have all heard the adage, “time is money.”  Well, drivers are paid by the mileage. Sitting around and waiting for the unloading of a trailer can be   frustrating and adversely impacts pay. Stop and think for one minute and ask yourself, “Are there any other professions out there that don’t get paid for time spent at work?” Let’s look at an airline pilot for example. If the airline delays a flight or cancels,  due to poor weather or mechanical failures, does the pilot forfeit pay? With a resounding “no,” they receive payment for their valuable time whether they are in the air or on the ground.

The crux of the issue is quite clear. Inefficient supply chains, regulations, unreliable equipment, and turnover is the driving force of a misconceived driver shortage perception. When in reality, drivers are in the market looking for the next best thing.  Viable talent is out there, you just need to know where to look, or better yet – let them find you! It is critical mission to understand drivers’ pain point. It starts with treating them with respect and having a sincere appreciation for what they do as well as paying a rewarding wage.

We understand the importance in providing our drivers with top-of-the line trucks. At Phoenix Operation Services, we always guarantee the best equipment!  We stand behind our promise by providing models that are 2021 or newer.  Taking the worry out of fewer breakdowns and reliability helps our drivers to arrive home sooner to their families.  We listen to our drivers and understand what’s important, and we deliver:

  • Competitive and above Market Pay Rate
  • Detention pay
  • Dedicated Lanes
  • Drop and Hook
  • Incentive Safety Bonuses
  • Understanding and appreciating the driver’s valuable time and time spent away from family.
  • Treating drivers with dignity and respect

We work hard for our drivers, constantly finding innovative solutions to problems. Our commitment to drivers is second to none.   We are only successful if we have happy, experienced, and reliable drivers.   We value our drivers and consider them to be family.  That’s our secret sauce when we say, “No driver shortage here!”

 Written by: Peggy Dodson

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