Power Only

Power Only Trucking Company Services

If you already have trailers and are just looking for the drivers and tractors to haul them, Phoenix Cargo has got you covered with over 400 power units and the most reliable drives in the business.

Why use Phoenix Cargo as your Power Only Trucking Company?

Competitive Pricing

Phoenix Cargo’s pricing is calculated by our proprietary tool, which accounts for multiple parameters – e.g., demand, market trends, competitor prices, load availability, and price thresholds – to recommend optimized rates to keep you happy and our margins protected.

National Coverage

Whatever your lanes may be, our trucks are likely operating there regularly.  With a fleet of over 400 tractors and 1,200 trailers, we cover over a million miles every week, including cross-border services into and out of Canada.

Best-in-Class Performance

Our on-time pick-up and delivery performance metrics rank among the best in the industry.

Safe, Modern Equipment

The average age of our tractors is less than two years old. Every truck is equipped with safety features such as: Video Safety Systems, Accident Mitigation and Avoidance Technology, Real-Time Feedback Alerts, Advanced Safety Analytics, Anti-Rollover.

Route Optimization

Save time and money by leaning on Phoenix Cargo’s advanced route optimization technology.

EDI Capabilities

The safety of your products, our drivers, and the public at large is at the heart of all our operations. 100% of our drivers have at least two years of experience and are required to complete ongoing extensive driver training.

Safe, Reliable Drivers

We send electronic EDI notifications on all shipments (Tender 204, SSM 214, Invoice 210, and all other required fields).

Live 24/7 Customer Support

You will have access to a dedicated Customer Service team, along with 24/7 access to the experienced logistics professionals in Phoenix’s Operations Team.

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