Capacity within your reach.

At Phoenix Cargo LLC, we operate a fleet of 435 trucks, including 150 team units, and 1,210 dry van trailers nationwide. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and deep respect for our customers drive us to prioritize your success. As your reliable carrier partner, we are dedicated to contributing to your achievements by providing dependable and cost-effective trucking services.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for safety, efficiency, and reliability. Our well-positioned fleet is designed to offer exceptional trucking services tailored to your specific needs. With over 200 trucks and 650 trailers readily available, we are equipped to handle any dedicated and spot freight requirements. By choosing Phoenix Cargo as your OTR carrier, you can trust us to deploy our fleet efficiently from any origin and ensure your shipments reach their destination seamlessly.

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Why Phoenix Cargo for national trucking services?

Secure Capacity

Asset-based Truckload carrier with over 400 trucks including 150 team units and 1100 trailers.

Protect Your Products

Recognized as one of the safest trucking companies in North America, with the lowest accident ratio per million miles.

Don't Overpay

Strong cost management enables us to offer competitive pricing for our customers.

High Performance

Advanced operations equipped with the latest technology to maintain above a 95% on-time performance and a 100% acceptance rate.

Receive 24/7 Support

24/7, 365-days operations ensure the best customer service.

Enjoy Real-Time Visibility

Nimble Carrier capable of adapting to any lanes anywhere with competitive rates.


Our truckload services are designed to help you manage costs, while effortlessly adapting to shipping demands and requirements. No matter the needs of your organization we will prioritize your needs to create a specialized truckload shipment plan.

We have a seamless recruiting and onboarding process that helps to put our drivers on the road quickly. Once onboarding and orientation is completed our dispatchers will have a load ready for our drivers, we personally welcome our drivers.

Area of Coverage

Midwest Northeast, Great Plains, Pacific Northwest, West Coast, South and Southeast

Operation Numbers

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Total Perfect Miles (2023)


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